"Some [of the monks], therefore, hurried away by a fierce and bigoted zeal, whose ringleader was a reader named Peter, waylaid her returning home [from her classroom], and dragging her from her carriage, they took her to the church called Caesareum, where they completely stripped her, and then slaughtered her with [oyster shell] roof tiles. After tearing her body into pieces, they took the mangled limbs to a place called Cinaron, and there burnt them."

Socrates Scholasticus' "Ecclesiastical History" on Christianity taking Alexandria, Egypt 415 CE

Welcome to the site which predicts a great return of the Dark Ages!


The Dark Side

We live exactly the same preceedings which led to the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Full Half

The Daughters of Hypatia.

Even Microsoft Corporation, Genetic Engineering mega-companies, Time Magazine, Hollywood movies, powerful governments of Russia nor China cann't stop the propagating slave-minded religiousness.
It's a hidden time bomb almost nobody is noticing!
NOT US! But some valuable links to people who dedicated themselves to struggle against the dark future.
We admire their brave quest but definitely we cann't agree with their militant optimism. They used to believe in Human future, values and rights. We believe that religion is a very integrative component of the Human nature and existence. Rather, we think in rights and futures of Machine and other next Post-Human genetic species. We seek a real future for the planet but not for a particular species specially if it's a selfish and retarded one as Human!
Anyway here are the links to some of the biggest free thinking sites on the Web:
Internet Infidels [www.infidels.org]
Positive Atheism [www.aracnet.com/~atheism]
Freedom From Religion [www.ffrf.org]
American Atheists [www.atheists.org]
Skeptic Ring [http://www.skepticnews.com/skeptic-ring/index.html]

This site deals with topics would be called Misohumanus Atheism, Posthuman Atheism, New Atheism or any similar name.
Share in any of them by clicking the respective link:

Atheism vs. Religiousness

Democracy vs. Annihilation

On Atheism vs. Religiousness


Fear Eats the Soul!

The religious belief is all about fear,
The religious law is all about clergy food.


It was the nations greatest race to invent the mightiest god of them all. Obviously, Muhammad's all-mighty Allah was the ultimate invention.

Everything is allowable in good human...
except lying and believing!


Jehovah, God and Allah are three of the most paganistic pagans ever created.



NAPOLEON: Monsieur Laplace! I have read with great interest your Traité de mécanique céleste - all five volumes - but nowhere have I found any mention of the Good Lord.
LAPLACE: Sire, I have had no need of that hypothesis.

'The Agnostic is an Atheist; the Atheist, an Agnostic.' Robert G. Ingersoll

Agnosticism vs. Atheism

We don't know what really exists...
We even don't know wheather we'll
or will not know...
We just know that there's no God
...in any sense known to humans.

this will close all doors to theism;
open all doors to science;
fairly without big reliance on human kind...

On Democracy vs. Annihilation

'West could pay heavily if the threat posed by international Islamic terrorism was not checked.'
Vladimir Putin
YES! Democracy is the end of History
...(of Civilization)!

Democracy eventually leads to a theocratic state
...(even in the U.S.)!

Just let's hope it won't happen as soon as Year 2004!
Premature globalization should lead to an empire with unbalnced equilibrium between technological creative elite -the evolutinary 'gene' of science- and the massive religious slavery.

God exists inside humans,
...but not anywhere else.
So from evolutionary point of view this species is doomed!
... genetic bomb ...
Sunday Times
No successful civiliztion had developed without the elimination of land's original inhabitants.
Think about the 'inevitable' independence of third world countries and what they later did to themselves and to other developed nations!
For purely genetic reasons,
civilization never comes to the same place twice.
So the next frontier should be Antarctica or Mars!

One of my greatest references, Henry Kissinger, never speaks with great enthusiasm about the futures of the United States. In the other hand he predicts much for China, Europe and even Russia.
Just notice that these're lie the major secular forces on the planet!
Democracy as theorized by its fathers is minds summation.
...Now it's just emotions parade!
Democracy is equal votes for equal minds.
The only problem is there're no equal minds!

A Special Section:

Killers of Hypatia
A special corner dealing with current Egyptian issues
The woman the Encyclopædia Britannica describes her 'eloquence, modesty, and beauty, combined with her remarkable intellectual gifts,' was brutally murdered by our ancestors. A lot of the current Egyptian issues comes from the fanatic religiousness sweeping every corner of the country. Given that this might be happening in every corner of the world, the Egyptian problem might look much deeper and much older.



Admittedly, we use the name Hypatia just as a big sad symbol.
Actually there're huge Web resources which deal with this great philosopher and mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria.
First there's a really
Dedicated Site which includes also a huge booklist. Meanwhile, you can also begin searching the Web from from Encyclopædia Britannica.


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