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Wednesday, April 29, 2009 02:14 AM, going to sleep, I found what to say as the next introduction to the intended first entry of this page, Glenn Beck’s open letter, started April 23, 2009, 04:48:41 PM, and finished and sent April 27, 2009, 12:39 PM.

EveryScreen.com is the first opinion site in Arabic, and the oldest ever site from any Arabic-spoken country at all.

Since July 1998, it comprised nearly three million words of top-rated commentary. They’re mostly in Arabic. This ‘Microsite’ page is dedicated to special entries aiming -at least in part- to summarize for the English reader the main themes the major site is interested in.


Enticed, in general, by Fifi comment on viewing my site, April 16, 2009 about 00:30 PM (ÎÇĎă ÇáŢŃÝíä ÇáÔĺíŃíä). She said it should have an English version to copyright ‘its unique ideas that are very good for Westerners.’ About an hour later, ~01:30 PM, I thought that I can translate the paragraph on my objections to the American Right (ĂíĺÇ ÇáĂŐĎŢÇÁ ĂäĘă ÔĎíĎć ÇáäÚćăÉ ĂŐáÇ). The day after returning from Minia, April 21, 2009, the first draft was written on the Railways ticket!

April 23, 2009: 04:48:41 PM: launched a Notepad file Desktop\OpenLetterToGlennBeck.txt on an idea came seconds earlier while trying to relax: an e-mail to Glenn Beck and in case of no response it will be published in on the front page.

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American Glenn Beck’s Conservatism
as Viewed by an Egyptian ‘Extreme Right-Wing’ Writer!

Hello, Glenn… My name is Medhat Mahfouz. I’m an Egyptian writer in my mid-fifties. Here you would find a bit more about me. For more than a decade, I’m running a website named EveryScreen.com, though sorrowfully, it’s mostly in Arabic. Anyway, in the bottom of this page front page you could find many links in English to its entries. The heroic FNC is available here in Middle East only through Internet downloads. I’ve watched more than one time every single segment available of your show, and I’m absolutely taken by it and by you personally and wrote about this frequently. I write to you because I have some notes about American Conservative movement, I feel privileged to share them with you. Some academics, as this and this, describe me as the ‘Symbol of Savage [Economical] Liberalism in Arab [Speaking] World.’ (Word ‘speaking’ added by me because we in Egypt don’t consider ourselves Arabs). In the same time, I can describe myself as a secular person of Christian background. Here are my points:



Capitalism is Darwinism and Darwinism is capitalism. Competitiveness is ‘the one thing’ they are both about. Furthermore, I think Christianity, in essence, or in general, could be a synonym of Socialism. Of course, in such a jungle world all religious believes are respected and welcomed (Maybe, except Islam because it’s not a religion but a banditry robbing and enslaving ideology which is a by-product of the Arab genes who invented it for mere survival purposes - a long another story).

With my absolute respect and admiration of America’s great Founding Fathers version of Christianity that took the Divine Right and put it wholly in the hands of individuals, I, as an example, claim that have had what I think the first scientific empirical proof that there’s no God. My humble theory is mainly inspired and derived from the famous Einstein-Bohr debate. In short words, the entity that ‘created’ the ultra-huge Universe(s) can’t create, communicate or even know about too remote and tiny beings as ourselves, and vice versa.

The religious capitalistic America has done great so far, and I’ll be so content if it lasts forever, but as a matter of fact the religion, not capitalism, is the issue that right now alienates more people away from the Republican Party than it attracts. I’m not sure about what I’ll say next because I’m not an American and not knowledgeable enough of American political mechanics, but I think that the GOP should - just as a start - drop all social items from its platform and stick only to the free-market/small-government/strong-global-leadership ideals. I hope, rather think, the party is witnessing a historical transition period after which it will be reborn as the secular right-wing party of America.

(By the way, American atheists are ignorant too. Nothing in the Egyptian Book of the Dead of what Bill Maher mentioned in Religulous!).



Peter ‘by-no-means-a-leftist’ Drucker’s ‘The New Society’ was one of a few books that changed my life decades ago. It magically resonated with my training as mechanical power engineer. The thermal power plant is almost of 100% efficiency because it’s big enough. A car is far less efficient because it’s small. So, conglomeration and mergers are inevitable ‘natural’ destiny. I think pure individualism (say, of Ayn Rand) would not, nor should not, work forever. The original formula the Great America was based on would not, nor should not, last forever (by the way, conservatism is a word that per se doesn’t sound nice).

The good old formula of town hall democracy was especially wonderful for a rural society of almost-equal minds, almost-equal pockets. But here comes the dilemma of democracy, a.k.a. the lost 8 years of every 16 years of the American history -- you know what I mean. I’m afraid that you’re promoting an identical and equally-functioning colonial single-cell algal form of life, not a sophisticated organism in which brain can be easily distinguished from muscles. As you know, the no-leadership U.N. or even EU formula belongs to the first model!



As Glenn Beck himself once mentioned, even Winston Churchill himself admired it. Fascists are the Guardians of the Imperial Scepter, whose job was to protect the supreme ideals of the Roman Empire (Glenn Beck is the greatest Fascist alive, at least technically! Sorry, Mr. Murdoch, but I didn’t forget! You’re the Empire itself, and a lot should be written about ‘The Last Man Standing’ after America passes these current ‘black’ days).

Of course, I know there’s a lot of bad corporations out there (e.g. Maoist GE or the Islamist CitiGroup), and there’re millions of leftist disguised robbers (as your Arab - a much worse word than Muslim; so vicious that even Dick Cheney or John Bolton can’t imagine- Thief-in-Chief/Traitor-in-Chief Al-Buraq Abu-Ommo - two Islamic terms that mean a ‘winged camel that can take you to the Seventh Heaven’ and ‘the father of his mother’ - a relationship legitimately allowable in Islamic Sharia). So here, in particular, we need a role of a small vigilant -and maybe specifically militarily- government, to guard our liberties -- The Little Brother, if you dear Glenn liked the term.

Thinkers and leaders from Aristotle to Pinochet saw a good dictatorship as the optimal governing system. Even Henry Kissinger promoted forceful imperialism as the system humanity has mostly had in its history. I can humbly add that there’s any more space for bad dictatorship in machine intelligence and genetically-designed post-humans era. Maybe you heard from leftist human rights organizations about putting ‘liberals’ in jails in Egypt. In fact, Muslims and false liberals are disguised enemies of all liberties. We think that giving a lot of freedom to such people is the way to the decay and poverty of the whole population, and thank our government for guarding our liberties, especially the mother of them all, the materialistic one: economic liberty. I’m afraid that the lack of such iron hand -or eye- is the biggest threat America, and the democratic West in general, faces right now and the consequences are so obvious through the last few weeks.

P.S.: By the way, neither ‘liberal’ nor ‘progressive’ are bad words either. They’re simply just another theft-by-the-left. I don’t think that Adam Smith, von Hayek or even the most contemporary Milton Friedman would feel offended if somebody had described them liberal or progressive.

Also, let me say that Bush is not either a very bad word. I believe in absolute free market but I must slightly distinguish between bailing out banks just for ‘confidence’ purposes in a moment the threat of everybody’s withdrawal of his money was looming, and bailing out car industry hijacked by labor unions. I also must differentiate between deficit caused by waging wars and deficit created for a health care program, that simply because wars are mandatory. In general, maybe as a Middle-Easterner, I can’t put in the same basket a good-willed gracious man -whatever we disagree with, and a malignant carnivorous bandit.

Dears, deny the government all the rights, that is great, but never forget that even a small village needs a Sherriff. This is named security, and it is the thing we still need a government for ‑at least for the time being.



Thinkers from Edward Gibbon to Samuel Huntington saw the influx of immigrants (a.k.a. slave psyche according to Carl Gustav Jung, let alone its newest two-legged personification, your Slave-in-Chief), as a sure prescription for the decline and fall of any great civilization. You love history analogues. It’s not the all-good old America that was a kind of world elite. So, I sincerely invite you to the biggest of all analogues: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire! … It is the model you MUST worry about.

Of course, nobody should promote hatred against anybody (hatred eats the soul), but nobody would be ashamed of any scientifically-proven fact - what so ever it is - just in favor of being politically correct. You, American Right, are pro-life because life is valuable. I’m OK with this, but have a minor refinement: White life is valuable, Japanese life is valuable, Jewish life is valuable, but most of other lives have no value at all. Please come to Gaza, Somalia or even to Cairo slums and you’ll understand what I mean. They multiply without any respect to any kind of values. In general, my noble friends, more human lives are not the solution; they’re the problem (Again! My old book titled Post-Human Civilization).

Eugenics is not a bad word, dears; it’s the ultimate solution to protect you from the mob flood who vote Democrats. Please, time is critical and romantic (not to say naive) good old principles are not effective anymore to protect America from slipping into a fully dark age. They’re invading you and you seem absolutely powerless and it’s not the first time to happen in human history. In other words, you’re strangling yourselves with your own ideals!

Growth or Globalization MUST mean quality first, quantity second - else: Freddie, Fannie and the Chinese will take us to hell. But, at least, nuking Somalia, Gaza, Iran or Tribal Pakistan is not hell. Erasing the whole third world from the map will not affect much the planet wealth or economy. In some cases it will enhance its health. Please, America (I mean the military, Congress is already shut down!), prepare yourself to an imminent nuclear showdown with Russia and China. Else, someday, Japan - our Earth’s next civilization - will find itself obliged to report for the inevitable duty.


Dear Glenn friends, I want to let you know that you have a lot of supporters and lovers all around the world. When America is visionary and resolute, we all feel safe and confident of our direction. When America gets stranded, weak or bowing to everybody, we and our governments get confused, stressed and everything is jeopardized. Here enters the other silent majority I wanted you to learn about. And, believe me: it’s much BIGGER!

I’ll be extremely flattered if you replied this mail or find something interesting in it to discuss in your one-of-a-kind landmark show. Yours, sincerely …

Phone # Medhat

In the end of ‘Fox News DVD 43\2009\05\11\Inconvenient Segment - 'Global warming' no longer part of President Obama's agenda 051109_gb_green_B1200.flv,’ a segment about playing with words, Glenn Beck quoted from chapter 12 of his book An Inconvenient Book: ‘Being politically correct is not just a cutesy attempt to make people feel better; it's a larger coordinated effort to change Western culture as we know it. Early Marxist [this I wrote before I really was on the progressives. It's better as progressives that Marxist said it too] designed their game plan a long ago and continue to execute it today: Control the argument by controlling the language. Those with radical agendas understand that plan well and are taking advantage of an oversensitive public.’

In Fox News DVD 48\2009\05\27\Simple Solutions - Can 'freedom principles' solve America's ills 052709_gb_root_B1200.flv, Beck talks about a society believes in natural selection and refuses the failure of the weakest!

In Fox News DVD 49\2009\06\02\Calling All Conservatives - Barry Goldwater, Jr., on GOP's future 060209_gb_barry_B1200.flv, Beck talked about that all terms lost their original meaning; conservative now means religious, liberal means Marxist and so on!

In Fox News DVD 50\2009\06\05\Phoning It In - Beck takes nation's temperature from the road 060509_gb_thing_B1200.flv, Beck uses the term Americans ‘wake-up!’


August 11, 2009:

Is Glenn Beck responding here to our statement ‘eugenics is not a bad word?’ - Not sure, but sure about a couple of things:

- Science has advanced that no much mistakes are made by future eugenics.

- Nobody should be killed if he or she has the money to keep himself alife. Old eugenics didn’t preach this.

- What’s evolution -sorry, capitalism- is all about? Isn’t it about natural selection?

January 19, 2010:

Is Glenn Beck re-aligning himself here to our statement that liberalism is a ‘stolen’ word and was far from being something bad in the past? - It is just great for millions and millions of Americans who watch his smashing show to learn so!


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